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Welcome to the College of Engineering!

The College of Engineering (CoE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison welcomes and congratulates transfer students who achieved the significant milestone of gaining direct admission to a CoE program.

Undergraduate students directly admitted into the College of Engineering must meet progression requirements according to the College of Engineering Official Regulations (Regulations 3-7) in order to continue towards graduation requirements in their selected engineering program.

As experienced college students, off-campus transfer students who are admitted directly to the College of Engineering have an opportunity to be considered for meeting progression before transfer. Eligible students will receive instructions for submitting the supplemental application for progression consideration before transfer.

Submitting the transfer progression application initiates a review process to determine whether a student has satisfied the progression requirements before transfer or whether progression requirements must be satisfied after transfer. For more details about progression, please review Stage Two: CoE Program Progression.

This supplemental progression application is due by NOON on June 1 (for fall admission) or January 1 (for spring admission). The application requires students to indicate the engineering program listed on the admissions letter from the Office of Admissions and Recruitment and to submit two brief essays and an optional essay explaining the reasons for selecting this program.

Students must activate their NetID prior to accessing the transfer progression application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 01-05-2022 at Midnight

Jessica Regan, Transfer Coordinator
College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison